The 'pampering' is associated with

By: Torpedoman

his TJ Surgery. I still think that they will try to find a way to 'ease' his innings throughout this season. 

Urias.. even if he comes back this summer..  has never had the experience yet to develop into a reliable rotation guy. Only due to his surgery recovery too. If he's the real deal tha was projected pre injury/surgery.. then I can only imagine the strength and depth of what our rotation could become.

Also in the 'surgical recovery' discussion could be Jimi Garcia.. they LOVE his arm!!! They  envision him eventually, in line behind or leading in to Jansen as his recovery development moves forward.

The kid tonight.. Ferguson has never even been invited to spring training major league camp, has not pitched to big leaguers yet and started the season to a 1.38 in 9 games at Tulsa. Only 2 starts in OKC.. and the emerg. start tonight... and he's not even in the discussion with  pitching prospects White, Alvarez or Santana yet LOL  When discussing his 'nerves'?? he said heck no, i'm pumped! He's also got about 40 friends tripping from Ohio to the game tonight HA!  What if he's a needle int he haystack good tonight? LOL 

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