Agree about having to probably WIN the NLW

By: Torpedoman

however we're only at the 62 game portion of the schedule. The odds of two NLW teams having the best records in the NL are still poor at this time. I look at the Dodgers being where they are with literally a clusterfuck pitching staff, the loss of JT for 2 mos, (who obviously is going to have wrist pain the rest of the way unless he's shut down for probably another month), the Seager loss and the slow hitting start of the entire roster accept for Kemp. I say with some improvement in the pitching staff (return of Kohler, Urias, Ryu, hopefully Kershaw and a turnaround of Woods season.. plus maybe a deadline acquisition, every bit of each of these points are highly possible.. coupled with some of the offensive improvements that have already started (Taylor, Puig, Joc, Belli, and the clutch pinch hitting we're getting.. we could blow out the NLW.. Shutting down my sunshine pumps now.. HA! 

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