Alex Wood...

By: Torpedoman

According to Wood, his minimal small aches/pains are non issues and mostly normnal. His primary struggles are "mechanics" says him.  My question: Wood had by far a massive 2017 season. Career success to the max. All star, lead his team in most pitching categories!

So what does he, and the organization do??? They let him make the decision to eliminate his windeup! Opting to pitch his entire season from the stretch.. Say what? Leads to better efficiency? more command? less stress? How is it that after his greatest and most dominating season in his career, he decides to change (destroy) his fundamental delivery??  Just my opinion.. He's always pitching behind in the count, allowing more leadoff hitters to reach base, basically struggling to put away hitters all while fighing his command. This guy should have 10 wins by the ASB in my opinion. I've inquired to has significant handful of 'in the know' in and around the organization, and it's "crickets" thus far.... Is this outlandish? or just a verboten topic to criticize? 

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