I read a biography about DiMaggio & Mantle’s knee

By: PasadenaTrojan

Injury was discussed. Happened in the World Series of Mantle’s Rookie year. On a sprinkler head. Joltin Joe ran by the phenom and Said “tough break, kid”. Joe was an ass of highest order is the story they told and also the biggest cheapskate the game has ever seen. Here’s one example. He took Marilyn to Japan on their honeymoon since Japan baseball was paying his way over there. While there US Government asked Marilyn to entertain the troops (YouTube video) and she agreed. After all the catcalls and her trademark flirting Joe got so mad they fought the whole honeymoon. Oh man what a bummer. Little known fact. Joe and Marilyn were getting married again the month Marilyn died. (Not murdered IMO reaction to the combination of two different doctors prescriptions). He continued to provide flowers to Marilyn grave every week for the rest of his life. Loved this line. hey Marilyn how is Joe in the bedroom? “Joe hits home runs”. Classic. Joe was a tough negotiator. He held out on yankees a few times and they smartly blinked. Joe helped Marilyn get much better contracts and advised her how will they shoot the movie without her? She was 1st actress to get certain designations on the movie deal. Executive producer or her own production house? Something like that. I think Joe won 9 Championships. Maybe 11? Something crazy like that. The book went into great detail on the pitch counts and the games and the moments and Joltin Joe was apparently very CLUTCH and had a number of big hits and made critical plays in outfield. (Center fielder).

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