Some media getting it wrong.

By: Torpedoman

The ejections from that play at the plate was NOT due to a Posey Rule violation. Both Chirinos and Kemp had the right to the baseline/plate because Chirinos had the ball and was making the put-out, all while Kemp also had every right to bowl him over specifically because he had the same right to that space. Bang Bang play.. The ejections happened because after Kemp legally plowed through the catcher to try to get him to drop the ball.. Chirinos agressively pushed Kemp, then pushed his catchers mitt into Kemp's face.. that resulted in Kemp retaliating back.. probable self defense reaction??.. who knows.. but it emptied the benches, extending that altercation after the actual play at the plate was over, which was why imho they both got tossed. Thats my take because so far I've heard no clarifying explanation by the umps.  

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