Quite a few balls were hit HARD

By: Torpedoman

including a couple by Perdomo, who is a pretty decent hitting pitcher. Kershaw was fortunate that some of those lasers were kept in the yard last night for sure and that some were hit right at the defense.  At least he had command even though his K's were down. Can't bitch. too much about success, especially with his minimal innings pitched this season. 

Being a lumbar dysfunction patient, I know that his back issues are going to be a career long issue, so I really give him credit in fighting that, but it's going to pretty much assure that we'll never get the reliable expectations fulfilled by him as in his past.  So, hoping that he stays healthy, it could actually be like we get a new arm at this juncture of the season.lol 

Interesting stat mentioned last nights telecast..  As of start of play on 9July, Dodgers starting rotation is the #1 rotation in MLB statistically. (by Joe Davis and Orel. What is even more interesting is that our opening day rotation has only 17wins, so the rest of the staff certainly proves how great of a job Rick Honeycutt is doing!


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