If they get at very least, a top

By: Torpedoman

8th-9th inning reliever.. closer type... (or Kohler can return) I think they can win the WS. Two relievers help even more.  The team is 23rd in MLB in the positional WAR rankings.. at Relief Pitching and also at 2B... Top 10 at all other posits... Fix the bully and try to improve at 2B should help.. With one dominant bully guy we are better than last year where we just blew game 7.  

Also, there's only 3 position players with OPS+ under 100.. tops in mlb! (Forsythe who could be gone soon, Barnes who has a good chance to heat up, and ChUtly who's now hitting @400 as a pinch hitter the past month.   

I don't think the team is as bad as most of you seem to. 

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