Angels trade Martin Maldonado.

By: Dr. Spock

And within their own division, to the f*cking Astros.  SMH.  A Gold Glover at catcher, dude has a cannon for an arm but he caught a lot of innings the last few seasons and he wearing down.

Looks like the Angels are giving up on the season.  Maldonado will be a free agent next season and they did offer him an extension before the season but he declined.  Sorry to see him go but at least they got something for him. 

Dude they called up today is a hard knocker, played 12 years in the minor leagues.  In his 1st MLB game today, the dude hits a home run and gets a single, driving in 4 runs.  12 years as a catcher in the minor leagues and he finally gets called up to the Bigs and his first MLB hit is a home run and he ends up getting interviewed on the field after the game and getting doused in Gatorade.  Lol.  Baseball is a crazy sport.

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