I forgot wood. Playoff rotation

By: Java

Kershaw. Hill. Stripling and Wood. Which means Ryu is out and likely not on playoff roster. Takes him too long to warm up to be useful in the pen. And with his injury I don’t think they want to shuttle him back and forth. Ironic because: looks like in addition to Maeda, who was very effective out of the pen last year. They can move Buhler and Uriah to the pen. So while the Dodgers ARE shopping for that set up Ace. Their depth and this 6-7 man rotation they have also gives them some options in the post season. And because they no longer have losers like Mc carthy and kazmir collections checks for no work, they can actually pitch and use all 6-7 of these guys. 8 if you count ryu and urias . 7 if you drop ryu. If you add 2-3 effective arms in short stint work to the dodger pen? Along with the capability of any of the 3 to do long relief like 3-4 innings? Dodger pen is in a lot better shape than people think. Maybe add in Jansen. Cingrani for situational lefties and Baez and Hudson you have got a bullpen of 7 there. 4 starters. How many you carry for the playoffs? 9 relievers? I think I just named 7 of them
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