Verlander happens.

By: Dr. Spock

Dude is a stone cold-killer right now.  A savage bastard.  He is what Kershaw used to be. Sigh.

As an Angels's fan (I'm also a Dodgers fan), I've been through this f*cking Astros' pitching line up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times.

McCullers and then Cole coming next?  Maybe . . . just maybe . . . the Dodgers have a chance at McCullers tomorrow.  Cole will throw a shut out Sunday.

These guys are a bunch of killers right now.  I bet they repeat as World Series Champs, beating either the Dodgers or Chubs in 5 games. 

I F*cking Hate Them.  A bunch of d*cks.  A big bag of f*cking d*cks.




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