Those HR onslaught games

By: Torpedoman

They do seem to create overall team hitting slumps! Agree that HR or bust is a road to fail. Remember that year when LAD had 4 guys with 30+ HR's? That team ended up in the cellar.

There's some selfish hitting going on right now. Only Turner and Joc are stroking it against the defense. Everyone else is just going for the big launch! Way excessive K's, almost no runner advancement, few walks, almost zero attacking the shift alignments. No one seems to want the simple base hit and just making contact.  

Already, just after the past 10-15 games, it's time for a closed door self examination come to Jesus meeting before it come to a long protracted slump.  Going to Coors field ain't in our best interests at this time of the schedule regardless of how great we play there... the aftermath could become catastropic with the situational AB's philosophy

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