Whatever Machado does will dictate

By: Torpedoman

what happens and where CS-5 will play for the Dodgers. If MM stays, he's the SS. That makes JT and CS5 the two who will man 2B and 3B. That could go either way but my guess would be moving JT to 2B, simply out of past experience. 

What I'd really love to see, would be for Machado to lighten up some. His D is already being played at a confident comfort level, but in trying to justify the hype and magnitude of coming to LA, he's on tilt, gripping to succeed at the plate. Once we settles and catches fire.. he should become 'all that'! Wonder how many hundred's of millions his coming FA contract will bring him? 4???

Lastly, if there's no MM.... do they try to sign Doz? Probably also a mega contract especially if he stays hot through out the stretch and in a playoff scenario? That should definitely keep Seager at SS.  LOL 

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