Trout on the DL. Jensen on DL.

By: Dr. Spock

Trout eiligible to play next Thursday.  Dude only gets hurt when the tries to steal bases.  SMH.

Still, he's the AL MVP right now.  That would make 3 AL MVP Awards for Trout.  Dude is amazing.  Best baseball player I ever seen.

As for Jensen, you would think the Dodgers would have been more smart than taking him to f*cking Denver with his heart issues.  Steelers had a starting safety a few years ago who had the same heart problem and they decided to not take him to games at Denver.  Smart move, not sure why the Dodgers couldn't figure that one out.  Now Jensen is out a month because he's taking blood thinners?  Dumb crap, totally avoidable.

Glad to hear Muncy is breaking out of his All-Star Home Run Challenge slump.  26 homers now?  Love the guy.  Dodgers need him to step up in August.

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