Dumb post.

By: Dr. Spock

Yeah, Mike Trout is a goldbricker. SMH.

Dude, just stop.  You're making a fool of yourself. Just learn to accept that Trout doens't want to play for the Dodgers. Or the Red Sox. Or the Yankees.

And that's ok.  All of baseball can continue to marvel at Trout's amazing abilities while you can keep ignoring it and a once in a life time effort from a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Don't do anything different Java.  Just keep your head in the sand and keep up the Dodger Tunnel Vision.  The American League doens't really exist.  The 2018 Astros, Red Sox, and Yankees are really just an illusion.  They are . . . not real.  They are Spectres.  Apparitions that exist only in our minds . . .

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