I don't believe it. Just wishful thoughts.

By: Torpedoman

Ryu is only @ 29-30 and a newly wed and 1st time father,  I think. Having such injury frustrations and very real difficult rehab and recovery, I think he's. probably  going for the gusto. He knows that the shoulder surgery was specifically only an @40% chance of his returning to the Majors. Dr. El Etrache did it and indicated how very lucky Ryu was that it all went so well. He's a really competitive athlete. A great athlete I believe. I alsos think that he's going to turn himself into a dangerous hitter. He practices long and hard in the cage. I'd bet my bottom buck that he's going all out in FA! Depending on what happens in the playoffs, he could probably score in the $150M range? Just not sure the Dodgers will go that big tho, especially with Kershaw in the scenario. 

Too lazy to look these up, but I think Hill is thru 2019.

 Ryu was at $7M this season and I believe Puig @$6m, is FA next year also. 

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