I was thinking that.

By: Java

And no. The nlcs would not begin at dodger stadium if the brewers win What of the brew crew seeeps? Do they still have to wait 5 days? That certainly resets the rotation. You could throw buhler again if you wanted. Personally if it’s on the road I do not throw ryu. His splits are far more favorable at home So I’m tempted to start Kershaw who would have two extra days rest and the composure for a road start. Then buhler who would have one extra day rest and the cockiness to get after a road crowd. I think it’s a lot to ask of a 24 year old to start game 1 on the road and I think it would be a double insult to Kershaw. Like they were going out of their way to diss him. I don’t know the righty lefty tendencies of Milwaukee and of I did I bet I’d have better insight into dodger thinking
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