Brace yourself dodger fans DOJ investigation.

By: Java

Similar to fbi or college basketball coming. And the dodgers names are all over this report. The reason is that la when Guggenheim bought the tram and Friedman took over knew they had to build their minor league system and fast. You can only draft so much. So la. Already a leader in international scouting and academies. Doubled down where they could. Latin America. Especially Cuba. If you didn’t already know. That’s a corrupt system. And the dodgers fingerprints are all over some corrupt people Some corrupt agents. Corrupt coaches and players. We are talking about violations of mlb scouring rules. And immigration law. Like when they stashed Puig in a Mexican hotel room for a month then brought him here. Anyway whistle blower ratted them out. Not just them Braves too and others. Gabe Kapler who is now w the Phillies will be the fall guy for LA We will see if the fed buy it or how deep they want to go. Hoping it doesn’t cost la any of their brain trust
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