MM has mad skill! Personally, I do not

By: Torpedoman

like players like him. The attitude is cancer, no co-incidence his bestie in the clubhouse is Kemp a similar player. Althought Kemp produced the 1st half, I will always believe that bringing him back was (and still may be) a key negative in the clubhouse. The way MM plays the game is selfish and immature! Just the body language says alot. I saw at least 3 times he didn't run out a perceived HR, that fell short, and cost him 3 total bases. I see him striking out in the clutch multiples of times, and failures to advance runners multiples of times, also not running out strike 3 in the dirt (once in the playoffs that he may have beaten it out. His standout defensive plays are magical, but his errors, are also what will keep him from a GG at SS. This guy is just too selfish and lazy for me to break the bank over. 

For the price..  For starters, I'm happy with CS-5 at SS and let some spending enhance the bully! 

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