Manny Manny Manny....wth

By: PasadenaTrojan

Why? Well not running out infield grounders hit right at a defender is not how you “play”. I get it, you’ve been coddled since prob 12 years old and just don’t understand right from wrong. Your immense talent has overcome the mental and “effort” shortcomings. You fell out of bed as a Top 5 two way player in league. Is what it is. But in the World Series, in A one run game (maybe tied at time?) you did that? Man not smart. Not cool. Not what a team needs. A slap in face to ALL that would cut off a hand to be where your’re at in that moment. Playing in the G Damn World Series?! At home?! Brutal. He cost himself ALOT of money this post season. A lot more last night. Roberts should’ve pulled him. His teammates cant be happy with that effort. That being said one play doesn’t define a player or career. Just ask Bill Buckner smh. Manny got lucky they won. Not like Bill. Very good saying I use in my house. “The way you do anything is the way you do evwrything”. Dirty room, is dirty car, is a dirty office is a dirty life type Logic. Anyhoos, that was disappointing. Valid criticism to call him on it. We still need him to win this me thinks. Time will tell. Still most talented player on the Team except maybe Ferris. And has been more impressive in many ways then Mookie even. Just brain farts. A lot. He’s lucky Munch Bailed him out. Would get ugly.
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