Steve Garvey is a politician.

By: Java

And if you ever Rey him rigidly so. It’s like he talks from a script and is a bad actor. Point he is very guarded and doesn’t have loose lips. I was shocked to hear his comments on the post game show about manny. This is a man who once came up to me as a travel ball game and “want to thank you for all you do for these kids”. And I’m like um. They’re my kids. And I want them to beat the crap out of your kid. And we did lol. They were the desert longhorns He’s from Palm desert. Corrected me two times when I slipped about “Palm Springs area”. Anyway I remember thinking what are you. The mayor? The governor? Thanking me for all I do for these kids? Sounded weird. Point is he’s not the type to say what he did last night. Must have been pretty frustrated
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