Interesting, however the 2017 version

By: Torpedoman

of Taylor was a great leadoff hitter and I'm betting that he's going to be out in Camelback working all offseason, adjusting that swing again. I have confidence that Taylor might turn this past year around. That is if he's even a regular player in 2019.  Joc's 7 leadoff HR's this season  didn't suck, and he's showing a newer maturity and control of his swing and understanding the K zone better each season, which makes him a dangerous threat also, so that's not insane either especially with his speed. However Joc is another who may not be playing every day in 2019.  Now Dozier.. Muncy is going to be our (non platoon) 2B unless 2018 ends up just being a fluke year, which I doubt because he has a very good eye and K Zone understanding.. so I'd be absolutely shocked if Dozier even plays in LA next season!  My projected approx general everyday lineup. Seager SS, JT 3B, Muncy 2B, Harper LF, Bellinger 1B, Puig RF, Verdugp LF, Lucroy C * (1-2yr FA contract until Ruiz/Smith are ready). LAD will have s schload of $$$ to bolster the roster.. I think Harper is a slam dunk and they are going to fix the offense/strike out rate, situational hitting bugaboo... As frugal re: "pitching" as the FO is, I doubt that they go after Kershaw if he opts out. We'll know by the weekend. My opine is that he's the greatest pitcher of our time.. but he's on the definite downslide and does not value to those huge $$ anymore. Kind of a touchy situation with our FO.. but business is business and It's my guess that we don't break our bank over Kershaw. 

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