I really don’t like the new Kershaw contract?

By: PasadenaTrojan

Do you? Team was locked in already. 2 years left at $33M a year. High end for a MLB contract. If your GOING to restructure wouldn’t you want to Lower the annual salary amount? After NOT getting the job done again in WS? You think next year will be better? Based on his increasing velocity? His decreasing age? Hope he does just don’t see it. Don’t think another team was going to offer more than $65M to him? If going to give him another $25M why not blend that more over the 3 years And make More cap room? This was a Dave Roberts late inning decision IMO. Couldn’t they given him $25M more but spread with $8M less a year? Or even do a 2 year extension for $30M more but spread it over 4? I would have restructured to get serious cap space room or just bite the bullet on these last 2 years.
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