Agree! I think they go big $$ in 2019

By: Torpedoman

but probably not for pitchers. Their philosophy seems to be to resurrect the binnacle list lol... doubtful that we see any big $$ longterm pitcher contracts.. hell even Jansen's deal was only 3-4 yrs right? Ryu might get 3.. The only wierd one (since Kershaw's last deal, is Maeda.. who did sign for 8yrs, but it was mega-lowball.. loaded with incentive clauses.

I think their big hurrah is going to be Bryce.. to the tune of over $425MM... but the avv will be stretched somewhere aroung 12 or so years? Machado is going to go somewhere tho probably $350MM probably for 10+yrs.. believe it happens..

Getting that the other possible long term guy pitcher Corbin will earn $150MM from probably the Yankees or Cubs.. but doubt the Dodgers will give him or any other pitcher a lengthy deal ...say over 3-4 yrs.. they rather take their chances that the scrap heap will yield enough on the cheap to beat the docter lol..

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