Does not appeal to me specifically

By: Torpedoman

because it's probably only one year... Pretty steep price especially since both May and Santana are both very highly regarded and to also add Verdugo our #1 prospect.. the price is way to steep imho. With any kind of Spring Training production at all, I'd bet that Verdugo opens hte season as a starter. Don't forget that he plays all 3 OF's at an extremely high level and has almost a Puig like arm, with way more clarity on when to use it lol.. Anyway I pass on that deal.  

There's also rumors of leMahieu... which I really hope they pass on. I'm solid putting Muncy everyday at 2B!  LeMahieu only had one year above 100ops+ (that year he hit .348) He's only a @.260 hitter with low power #s away from Coors..   

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