In other news, Dodgers are

By: Java

Now the #2 rated farnchise in terms of Value.  Yanks at $4 billion.  Dodgers are I think $3.30 Billion.   Which means Guggenheim has made a billion IF the Dodgers have been able to break even operationally the last 5 years.  


Unless I am mistaken, the Dodger TV deal is worth $334 MILLION a year.  So it's really hard for me to see them NOT having an operational profit when you favctor in MLB TV deal, ticket sales, parking, concessions, merchandising, radio deal.  All of it.  Their payroll I think topped out at $300 million and has sunk since then to under $200 million last year.


So I am guessing over the last 5 years LA has done well or break even and that Guggenheim has in fact addeda bout $1billion to the dodgers value.  

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