Don't be surprised if Urias becomes

By: Torpedoman

a beast in the rotation also. They do envision him as a starter.. could happen this coming next season. 

A bigger issue is to see if they can fix Wood and Stripling, two economical salaries that have both gone from the ASG to the crapper at the snap of the fingers basically.  Something especially weird happened to Stripling imho.. don't have a clue if it's mental or if the league figured him out some ways that he's unaware of. Unless after the Springer/Altuve/Bregman tsunami blew him off the mound mentally his possibly 'gun-shy' situation is definitely unexplainable at least to me. RE: Wood.. one must wonder why he eliminated his windup and immediately went into the tank.. and that he and the entire organization have not been able to right his ship. Even in his recent specialty role to get out LHH's he's been shaky and struggled with command. 

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