Great strategy w/ Ryu's QO!

By: Torpedoman

LAD saves having to hand Ryu that long-term deal. Don't get me wrong here, b/c I do appreciate Ryu's athleticism  capabilities, however.. he's 31 and is a career established, "another lengthy injury waiting to happen". I personally don't think that his stellar sub 2.xx ERA at home (mid 3's away) over a half season of starts justifies handing him @$100M as he ages and his velocity and physicality diminishes. For a power pitcher his velo does not necessarily set off the speed gun as elite, and definitely won't increase over the next half decade. Aside from overmatching the young deer in the headlights Braves for 7innings in gm1, he was a fail in the rest of the post season. Oh and Roberts definitely misused him by keeping him pitching away instead of The Ravine which didn't help his FA negotiating  stock either. LA thinks Ryu is going to play his ass off gambling on himself, hopefully keeping the injury bug away for a season, which really helps both him and the Dodgers, which would be worth the QO offer they gave him. In that gamble to optimize a more lucrative FA deal in his year 32. If he does,  the Dodgers benefit is huge, If he goes down again or has a crap year, it'll just be another fail at Ryu's expense and the Dodgers only have to cut losses for the 2019 season of Ryu. I think Ryu should have trusted the FA market in his age 31 season, by being probably the #2 starter behind Corbin regardless of his mediocrity in the post season for what I'd assume would be a deal north of $70M. This 2019 season may be @ a $50+M risk for him. Hope it pays off for both LA and him.    

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