Maeda as a set-up man?

By: Torpedoman

Maeda does not want to be a bully guy! He had a great attitude down the last 6weeks stretch and into the 2017 post season to greatly benefit the team. That was an exemplary effort of teamwork and dedication on his part. He was exceptionally effective, but that is water under the bridge. When called again this season to change of roles, it was very easy to note that scheme didn't exactly pan out as the Dodgers had hoped. Like unfortunately going to the well again can be! You could see his attitude and the results were greatly different in 2018.  Maeda's lengthy 8yr contract with the Dodgers after his superlative J League career was also team friendly in that it was basically a low-ball contract heavily laden with incentives that would/could bring him to a salary status more inline with his career accomplishments. Going to the bully took the numbers opportunities away, which prevented his incentives to kick in. Granted you sign a contract and you live with it. In Maeda's case his feeling of being between a rock and a hard place has to be affected. It definitely appeared that way in the 2018 version. Difficult situation for Maeda imo.   

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