Wood and Stripling

By: Torpedoman

I'll never understand why Wood changed his delivery immediately after ending his career year! As brilliant as Honeycutt is, makes understanding the move even more difficult. The chronic left shoulder/forearm etc inflammation that has been an Alex Wood career issue must obviously be considered having been caused by that whacko wind-up he'd employed. Just an assumption since nothing has been stated by Wood or the team. My totally unqualified assumption that his struggles to get ahead of hitters, hence additional command issues stem from not having that extremely unique herky/jerky distracting wind-up which also keeps hitters off balance. Even notice how Wood seemingly is always behind in the count? Anyway he's one confusing pitcher imho that I cringe whenever he gets the call. Sure my theory could be total bull Shi7 but ain't that what these type forum's are all about? LOL

Stripling: HAS TO BE MENTAL!! He'd always been a smart, quick advancing prospect, with above velocity and exemplary control, Roberts trusted go to option! Starting or relieving! then out of nowhere, from being All Star caliber , to the outhouse!   I'd bet my bottom dollar that if Stripling were to be in therapy sessions, one of the prime discussions would include the Houston Astro's sluggers, be it in the World Series, the All Star Game or in interleague play and it seems like whatever happened, has severely affected his entire pitching entity. I sure as hell like that kid and hope that he can figure things out, whatever the cause is/was.   

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