I don't agree

By: Java

I don't think it matters when you pitch the guy his one inning.  I DO think that a traditional starter starts facing the team's top of their lineup for the 3rd time in the 5th or 6th and teams try to avoid that.  By starting a situaional guy, you can control the righty lefty matchup against their top 3-4.  


Benefit there then is your starter begins his game in the 4-5 spot in the lineup.  What that ALSO means is that we are now in the 7th before he sees anyone for the 3rd time.  Also means that the people he DOES see are the bottom on the lineup so you MAY allow that third time through.  


It is a quality start.  Brewers did something VERY different.  THey trid to bullpen a game and use their starters for 50-60 pitches.  2-3 innings.  Shoot, they split up the game between several guys doing 2-3.


I am talking about one guy, one inning.  Then asking that starter to pitch 6-7 innings based on what I wrote above.  It would then likely mean you would need either a 8th inning guy and a closer OR just the closer if you got a well pitched game.  Eliminating the top of the lineup from your starter would be a great way to get more length from your starters.  

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