Problem is that in the lengthy season your plan

By: Torpedoman

is probably a fail over the 162. Close games where multiple-matchup switches will change your pitching balance, also if it goes to extra's you'll run out of players faster b/c to operate with a designated 1st inning pitcher, you'll need to have both a designated LHP and a designated RHP, depending on what side the actual starter is coming from. Take the approx 10 pitchers, some teams only use 9. There's the 2 as designated 1st inning guys, 5 for the rotation that leaves just 2-3 pitchers in the bully, providing that you need to use the other designated 1st inning guy, and that is not counting the last one of them that would be the closer.. All it takes is the starter to be behind early and have to be hit for in the 5-6-7th.. Your plan is only workable if they all pitch great every time out to fulfill your projections. 

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