Eliminating those velcro secured batting

By: Torpedoman

gloves. Develop a non adjustable custom fit model or eliminate them completely. Ever notice how many hitters step out to tighten the gloves after every pitch?  

Make pitching coaches and managers jog to AND from the mound instead of those loooooong sloooooow walks designed to give the reliever extra warmups. 

Digitize B's/S's, the technology is almost perfect. Change the HP ump's duties to basically run the game and make defensive calls at the plate and up the lines. 

Time limit "video reviews" to 90 seconds (or less), otherwise the call stands because if it was too close to recognize in 90 seconds then it a highly reasonable call.  Each team gets to call for 2 reviews through 7 innings, and 1 more entering the 8-9th and one more into extras.  If you call for a challenge and lose it, you lose the next challenge option request. My point being to drastically curtail some of the many review stoppages. There may even be a rule on the amount of challenges a team gets, i'm not sure.. but to at least put a time limit on them would help alot!   

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