D Backs got rid of perennial all star

By: Java

Paul Goldsschmidt becuase they knew they couldn't afford to keep him.  Goldy is the real deal and a quality guy.  So they traded him early, got as much as they could, and STL will try to Paul George him into staying and signing with them.  If so, it's a good deal for STL.   If not, AZ got value.


But why would they not rty to keep him?  Ah yes.  Read below.


In an urelated (??) developement, Zack Greinke is available to ANYONE who wants to pay him.  Zack has been an All Star in 20-17 AND 2018.  This guy is awesome.  He's a stud.   So why wouldn't people snap him up.  Hear me out.  35 years old.  Ugh.  $35 MILLION per year.  Wow.  And last.  2019, 2020, 2021  That's how long that $35 million a year will be paid to this 35, 36, and 37 year old All Star.  


Now you know why Goldy just got traded.  

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