OK you're only partially stupid...

By: Torpedoman

Realmuto would be a nice get, if not having to over pay b/c there's plenty of other options and the urgency does not have to happen immediately. You'd spend LA's treasure as though you were a crooked politico. What's great is that you're not the LA GM. ha! Bellinger ain't going anywhere. You need patience with this young kid, only 2yrs in the Show after getting here 2yrs before his projection. He's the best athlete and the fastest on the team. Sure his post season avg is low so far, but he did get two GW-RBI this post season. Kid is still developing and is an elite level player, especially defensively, and also with massive power, and should be a monster centering the lineup for a decade+. You need a bit of patience w/him. Why do you think that every possible trade deal AF hears, all include Belli.

The two prospects actually are pretty close to top tier, especially Downs, a #32 pick as a SS/2B with power and speed. He's become our #6 prospect. He could also end up as a 5 tool CF.  Then there's Gray, enters his Dodger career as our #16 org. prospect, as a mid 90's fastballer, RHP with two secondary's already pitching to a .8whip in high A already. Both prospects carry extensive pawn value, not exactly chopped liver.   

Some of your suggestions could work out in say a Kluber deal, but it's stupid to give up the house for Realmuto, especially with our 4 elite prospects in the organization. I could see them using Stripling to close a nice deal but the guy is proven, seemingly stumbled since getting torched in the ASG, and struggled the 2nd half of the year. It will be  interesting to see if he can reclaim his cajones! Since he can start or relieve, they like his depth capabilities so giving up on him would be a huge deal.  lastly, granted Barnes soph season sucked, even though he beats out Grandal again last season was a dissappointment. After starting spring training injured, leading into the season, the kid never got on track, which ended up in a season long slump. He gets a new hitting guru this spring so lets see where he lands before you simply write him off, especially since he's defensively sound and agressive. As I said Realmuto would be nice but not to give up the house for. He's not exactly the 2nd coming of Johnny Bench lol.. They really love Ruiz and Cartaya (young) and highly respect Smith who's probably about ready also.. as being in the mix, but there are a handful of adequate C's to start the season with also, so's to not force us getting raked over the coals by the Marlins for their catcher, especially when they hold all the levers b/c they don't even need to trade him. I'd laugh if they stubbornly wind up not being able to trade him.. thus getting zero, while wasting the opportunity risking him in another no win meaningless for them season.   


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