I hope you’re both right

By: Java

You remember his highlights but looking st his numbers and his blunders you are right. He’s replaceable. And with him set to make $9-$12 million you don’t want to pay that for average production I too thought dumping all those contracts would net some usable talent Or at least a chance. Last year they did the same and got a solid season from kemp I had hoped they’d get talent or at the least potential. Maybe those prospects will pan out. I do feel all it was though was a dump And I don’t feel the team has improved at all. They’re worse at catcher and they’ve thinned their of. Maybe toles can our produce Kemp. Maybe the kid versugo can match puig. But but but. They’re not proven and so far In His career toles has proven to be a behavior then an injury risk. He is yet to show he’s a day to day professional. Who else did they lose thinking here. They usually lose some pitchers. Oh. Machado but Seager is coming back
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