They’ll need him. Perfect timing Kershaw

By: Java

Likely Out to opening day or after. They’ve been waiting on Uriah’s it seems like for 5 years I remember him striking out Juan uribe. Or what it jose. The guy who used to play 3b for la. With a 98 mph heater when he was like. 17 in spring training. Anyway. It’s time. La has babied him for years Baby him much longer and he’s gonna be a free agent. La has to get younger and cheaper. Buhler and Urias are two young cheap arms and critical to their future success and roster management. Kershaw is clearly breaking down and la May regret giving him that Contract. Being able to plug Urias and buhler In is key because hill and ryu are done after this year. They already offloaded several other arms the last few years They need young guys like strip and Stewart to man up or have other young players come up to replace them. La used to have the most amazing pitching development in the majors. I question the quality of it these days
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