Three reasons IMO (revised)

By: PasadenaTrojan

1) the playing in Denver factor you mentioned. 2) white privilege. If he was Black he would Already be in. 3) being Canadian doesn’t help IMO. That’s just not a cool Mix. Martinez and Baines especially got in on stats but also skin color imo. The league has a Black issue and they know it. There aren’t many black Players. Latinos have taken there historic portion and then some. Caucasian percentages have changed only slightly since 1980’s. Blacks have drastically reduced their numbers. It’s played out like south central here in LA. Now more Larry stats. This is easy as Baines has weak HOF case. Probably why you brought him up. That and he is recent. Larry has 7 gold gloves. Baines was a DH. Walker was an mvp. Baines highest finish was 9th. Larry’s WAR was 72. Baines WaR was 38. Larry stole Bases. Lots of them. Baines DH’ed for a reason.
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