Last night was on Roberts. Both Janson

By: Torpedoman

and Garcia did have decent springs though. Roberts screwed that inning by opting for Yimi vice Janson even though it was Yimi's 3rd consecutive outing.. just b/c if it being a non save opportunity, he didn't want Janson. That spot was the specific reason they picked up Kelly! Roberts chickened out on Kelly after his previous failures and went for Yimi.. He should have just used a completely and normall warmed up Janson in the 9th from the get-go! It would have most likely been an easy close. Instead, Janson entered the game on short warmup, and had base traffic. totally not ideal in any way. Then the defensive fail added to the potential disaster... They were lucky that The Panda was too fat and slow to beat out that game ending DP..

Last season the LAD bully started slow like this also. It would have been sweet had Joe Kelly come in and shut down the 9th.. His spring was decent also.. I think all these guys will do OK.. Urias eventually moves to fortify the bully and it won't surprise me if Stewart gets sent out (or even designated).... Wondering how long it takes them to give Gonsolin a shot in the show?


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