Roberts was. quoted from an interview

By: Torpedoman

that Kersh was hitting between 91- 88.. The postgame report had him only hitting 90 two times ... the rest around the 88 mark. He was in trouble a couple of times in. that game, also only went 61 pitches. If he's not capable yet to expand out to @100 pitches then he's probably not ready for the return yet ya think? Roberts tap danced that they weren't really concerned with his velo, but more for his command. What a bunch of bullcrap. that is. Kershaw has legitimately lost 4-5 mph off his heater in the last 3 seasons. Sure his ERA is still miniscule but his success has not g ot to be established by his command now b/c he ain't got the velo anymore imo. Sure wish him the best and I root hard for him to succeed.. just doubt that he'll ever be special again. 

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