they didn't have a right hander

By: Art_Vandalay

keep in mind....  Nationals are MLB's BEST left handed pitchers...  The best.  Why even start a left hander and hand them Game 2?  Kershaw is not top 3 starters anymore.  THey do this sheeeet out of respect?  How many world series can Kersahaw win for other teams?  wow.  Kershaw must have won World Series for 3 teams now.  

hahha.. POLLACK... that didn't seem like a good choice, i read you there.  

But the least confident pitcher on the team you bring in there?  wow.  The dude known for choking in playoffs you bring in against the best team in MLB against left handers.  seems beyond stupid.  Bring in one of the right handed outfielders to pitch over Kershaw.

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