Watch Jose Altuve at plate

By: PasadenaTrojan

Dude has got the hitting game figured out. So the 5’2” strike zone is hilarious. Pitcher is throwing to a bread plate. Notice He uses a big bat. Maybe it’s normal but for his frame it looks like the Babe’s lumber. I don’t think he’s a bat speed guy actually. More hand eye coordination actually. Plus superb pitch selection discipline. He stands more off plate than anyone I can remember. It’s almost like he’s baiting pitchers to stay outside on him. And if they miss in and over plate he’s dead red. Or maybe he thinks it makes inside look more open? It’s like he is daring them to go inside so he can turn and go with that joke of a porch in Houston. And with the babe Ruth bat And high pitch velocity He doesn’t need a huge swing. Just good contact. Some guys go lighter (?) bats and faster swings (Belli and George Springer) and some guys square the ball Up and let physics take over. (Altuve and Trout). I do think one approach will have more consistent results than the other.
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