By: San Clemente

the stuff that the team offcial gave skaggs just covered his addiction, until he cut skaggs off.  THe real stuff comes from burglaries , medicine cabinets all across the fruited plains. 


the stuff that killed him, Skaggs bought on the street.


This is how this works.  Someone has pain.  A small but significant percentage of people that take a course of whatever oppiate, oxy, codein, vicodin, percocet, whatever and get addicted to the stuff.  Then the doctors cut the person off.  Either the addict gets into pain managment, and his addiction is managed, detox and rehab, or he gets it anyway he can.

THis is skaggs, and there are tens of thousands all across america just like him.


When Skaggs could no loger find anyone to give him the oppiates he bought some off the street.  These pills are counterfeit from China and not even a pharmacist can tell the difference from the real thing just by looking at it.


Real oppiates are expensive to make.  you have to start with a poppy plant . all real oppiates are organic.   artificial ones are cheap and easy to make.  It's a cash cow for china who funnels this poison through the drug cartels and it winds up in parks next to the angels hotel and every other town in America.  


Skaggs needed his fix. he left his team hotel. walked down the street , bought 2 oxy tablets from a street dealer, took them back to his room. opened up the hotel minibar , washed both pills down with a little bottle of vodka and woke up dead.


Bad batch of counterfeit oxy with too much fentanyl in it.  happens everyday.  sc 

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