2020 should be a significant season

By: Torpedoman

for both Belli and Seager. 

Belli had a hot rookie year that petered out at the post season, had a nice 2nd year in spite of a partial sophmore slump, but also petered out late. This season was massive, but he also petered out again at the end. This time however he started slumping just after the AS break. Fatigue? who knows, but it seems to me that could be the case. An obvious health/fitness/rest/plan needs to come into play for him. If it was however an inability to counter the adjustment the league made to him by mid season then the hitting guru's failed him also. He prepped all offseason to attack the 2019 season then like something flipped the light switch and it severely affected his progress. Belli's course in 2020 should really be a career adjustment. As he matures and continues development I'm betting on him.

Seager.. it's becoming the norm that after a major surgery, (especially (arm & shoulder) that the full recovery takes into that 2nd year. Freaking CS5 had two nearly concurrent surgeries, the hip during the arm rehab. Couple that with the stints to the IL in 2019 made this past season almost impossible to perform at full potential imho. Sure he had a couple of little hot streaks, especially hitting a lot of doubles, but his power #s otherwise waned and his K's increased significantly. I think the talk of offseason trades including Seager are premature. Hopefully when spring training and the 2020 season gets going, he too will show more closely to what his early career production was. I'm also betting on Seager to succeed in a big way.

Maybe wishful thinking through my Dodger Blue sunglasses but those two guys very well could become vastly better clutch players in 2020.  Just imagine that, coupled with the obvious clutch performances of both Muncy and surprisingly Matt Beaty who imho has solidified his position in our batting order and Turner.. we should be right on the doorstep of yet another NLW and post season run. Then.. throw in the already building Rendon aquisition talk and there ya go. lol 

My bigger worry is pitching. Although it got us through the season, and had us in every post season game, the late clutch innings performances killed us about as much as many of Roberts usage decisions did. I think (hope) that Kershaw proactively re-tools his game plan with the realization that he's no longer a power pitcher. His dedication and winning philosophy might help that happen. Jansen??? a huge question mark for me. I have no clue how and what he'll do moving forward. Currently It's my hope that after the last out of the World Series that he'll exercise his player option to re-enter free agency and move on. Total crapshoot with a guy whom IMHO has an egomaniacal horseshit attitude. I think he's already proven that he's a flameout both physically and probably mentally too.  I'm anxious and hopeful that Friedman goes after a #1 starter and moves for least 1 or 2  solid clutch bull pen pieces.  Wishful eh? ha.  

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