No problem with Trout! However

By: Torpedoman

It's pretty confusing how Bellinger's whole season body of work appears to have been obviously trumped by his last half hitting swoon. 

His 1st half monster jettisoned the Dodgers to a NLW blowout season by the AS break. His presence in the cleanup hole protected to help enable Turner and Muncy's great offensive years in addition to his upper echelon HRs, RBI, OPS(+), and basically gold glove quality defense at 3 positions. He also led LAD in stolen bases. 

How does Yellich NOT PLAYING not trump his season, when obviously Belli's AVG swoon may have? Especially when Twins didn't even make the post season.

If Bellinger loses out on MLB's NL-MVP I would be dissappointed for sure.

Just me being a Dodger fan boy eh?    

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