Stro's have beaten Nat's 3-4-5

By: Torpedoman

startters and their (as was fully expected) achilles bully. Nats played from behind and paid the price.  I think Stras, especially if it's vs JV should go Washington's way, especially if they get to JV early, leaving the crapshoot gm7 to decide it all. There imho Max rises up from the shadows (fake injury and all) or properly rested this time Anibal Sanchez who suffered w/command issues due to 2weeks of rust in game 3, to start gm7, against short rest Cole?, or who?  So I don't think the Stro's have any slam dunk here. 

I was rooting for Nats, strictly b/c they beat the LAD at the ending of gm5 nlcs. However after the Washington establishment elites showed their disrespectful asses to our president because they're all pissed that he's doing such a great job of fulfilling his campaigned promises.. fuck them.. I hope the Stro's end it in 6.. maga!  Pitchers and Catchers Spring training starts in a little over 100 days... 

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