Bregman and Batgate

By: PasadenaTrojan

What’s wrong in the world is the LACK of accountability. Back in my day (lol), you did something Wrong you got called out. The circle of influence could put you back to center. Now that is lost. Inner circle is sometimes not perfect. We all need help outside of that sometimes. Often not there. I listened to Dan Patrick and his guest was affirmative action hire WS announcer Lisa Something. She says Bregman carrying the bat was AWESOME for the game. It’s FUN!!!!???? Really. A professional player handing his bat to 1st base coach is fun? No it’s not. It’s fen ridiculous. What’s next. Take it to 2nd? Why not make it even more fun and take it all Around the horn? Why not. If first is allowed why not second. Loved Altuves reaction Last night when it happened. Like wtf dude. Bad mojo. Karma bitches. IMO.
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