Why are Dodger Fans bitter?

By: Dr. Spock

I'm an Angels' and Dodgers' fan too and you guys sound like a bunch of sad BitterMans.  The Angels got Rendon, nice.  But the Dodgers' glaring problem is not at 3rd base.  We need to sign better arms.

From what I've heard, the Dodgers never even made an offer for Rendon, they just talked to him.  As a Dodger fan, I'm glad the Dodgers didn't break the bank for Rendon. 

As an Angels' fan, I'm glad they stepped up and filled a glaring hole in the lineup. Now, the Angels need to sign Bumgarner and trade for another starter. 

I'm telling you The Freeway Series in The World Series is going to happen before I die.  It will happen.

And it will be Glorious.

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