I'm getting pretty tired of the same old

By: Torpedoman

rumor mill these days.. Bottom line, we have great players. We need some tweeks in the bully and maybe a 2-3-4 starter body. Nothing I've heard to date is worth what they are getting asked for. I don't want to lose Seager, Lux, May, Gonsolin, or Grey! Seems like every year they all want to pluck the best prospects.. remembering for years the asking was always, young Seager, young Bellinger, young Joc, young Verdugo,  Sure glad we've managed to keep them all. Lindor walks in 2021, Betts walks in 2020, Stick a fork in Price, We weren't going to fork over 7-8 yr break the bank $300M contracts to pitching arms... Our success in the past decade has been great.. just failing to win a damn series in crunch time. The Dodgers have given my family months annually for years of great baseball excitement.. I hate even thinking about the hot stove blowing our organization up.  

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