If They Can Get Lindor

By: uscpr

for Lux (being the centerpiece, I would assume they'd need to add more), they should make that deal NOW.

Lindor is one of the top players in baseball, at 26, and is controllable for two more years. His personality is made for a large media market.

Lux may or may not turn out to be a star but Lindor is a proven commodity who is elite defensively, hits for power and steals bases.

As a parallel, I'm (obviously) a Yankee fan.  If the Yanks had a chance to trade Miguel Andujar, who finished second (and should have won ROY two years ago when he hit 27 home runs and had 98 RBI), Deivi Garcia, their top pitching prospect and a lesser prospect, I'd be all in favor of making the deal to get Lindor.

He is a transitional player and, who knows, if he wins and enjoys playing in a larger market, he may just decide to sign an extension.

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