Not buying it. Agree Lindor excels

By: Torpedoman

defensively vs Seager, but Seager hits better, having only suffered from recent injuries, and when fully rehabbed definitely has MVP caliber skills.  The cost to basically rent Lindor not only takes Lux, but Cleve also demands May and another prospect, maybe 2 more if Clevenger goes along. With the Dodger prospects depth I doubt that making Lindor another $300M man is not high on Friedmans list. Funny, I've never known a Yanks fan that had any good ideas as how to run the Dodgers lol  But I'm willing to listen more if say the Pollock/Stripling contracts fits into the mix. Dodger Hot Stove activities over the past half decade or so always seem to have demands for their top prospects.. Young Joc, young Seager, young Verdugo, young Bellinger, young Buehler.. I'm grateful that the Dodgers FO have continued the home grown approach. Eventually we'll not gag on a crucial post season series and win that elusive ring w/o the hot stove blowing up the org! 

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